Teletone Audio crafts sounds into virtual instruments that evoke a mood to inspire musicians to make music.

Teletone Origins: A Love Story

In February 2017, I was coming off some intense highs and lows relating to the adoption of my first daughter, Nova. I took some time off, but needed to get back to writing songs again. As I sat back down in front of my keyboard, something was noticeably different. Where there was normally excitement, drive, and passion, there was just a feeling of disdain. Not towards any particular song, artist, or sound, but towards music itself.

A cloud of buzzwords was blocking my vision. Words like “Content, playlist, trend, Spotify, TV, film, sync, royalty.” I was overwhelmed. I worked out of a sense of duty to my family, but found it impossible to bond with the music. I’d listen to Pet Sounds and feel nothing. I’d put on Stevie Wonder, and still—, nothing. I had no other skills, and no backup plan. Music is all I’ve ever had, and all I ever loved. But it felt like one of us had walked away from the other.
So with the blessing of my wife, I spent a month making music that was never meant for an audience. It wasn’t made for playlists or tastemakers. It actually wasn’t meant to be heard, ever. It seemed like the only way back for me was to never share it.

I completely immersed myself in Ravel, Hindemith, Schumann, Gould, Bach and Berg. I re-watched the Bernstein Harvard lectures repeatedly. I wrote everyday. Slowly, my appreciation for the piano reemerged and ultimately became my savior. I spent more time at the keyboard during that month than all my years as a piano major combined. My love for the piano began to override all the other music instincts I’ve honed throughout my career.

I began to finally see the piano as a conduit between myself, and the music I wanted to create. To truly harness the beauty of the piano, I needed support. But there was something missing in my piano libraries, and I wanted to fill that void. I saw an opportunity to create a new and unique perspective in the world of sample libraries. Fast forward a year, and TELETONE AUDIO was created. Our first instrument, the Postcard Piano, is my loving tribute to the piano itself, which has carried me through a lot. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

About the Creator

Teletone was created by Jeremy Larson, a classically-trained pianist, composer, and producer based in Nashville Tennessee.

He created the collective Violents for which he composes the music, writes the lyrics, plays every instrument, and partners with a talented female vocalist to record songs for each release.