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The sound of a 1968 session player.

Retrograde Bass recreates the sound of session bass players from the late 60's.  Warm, analog, and vintage is where Retrograde Bass starts, but a whole host of tools can take the sound well into the future.  From 1968 to 2068, Retrograde Bass is truly A Bass Odyssey.

Retrograde Bass is a virtual instrument plug-in for Native Instruments' Free Kontakt Player, compatible with all major DAWS (Logic, ProTools, Cubase, FL Studio and more).

Palm Muted

We sampled the entire bass with a piece of felt taped to the top of the strings, in addition to muting the strings with the palm of the hand.

Light Palm Muted

You can switch back and forth between Palm Muted and Light Palm Muted using the Mod Wheel. We sampled the entire bass a second time, but with the palm slightly lifted to allow the strings to resonate longer.

Open Sustains

A third round of sampling was done with no felt or palm muting, allowing the string to resonate uninhibited.

Retrograde Bass comes with a collection of presets. The demos below showcase a variety of the included presets, with no external processing.

Retrograde Bass Official Trailer Music
PRESET: Trailer Palm Muted
0:00 1:00
PRESET: Wonder
0:00 1:00
Holy Mountain
PRESET: Palm Muted Default (Ribbon Only)
0:00 1:00
PRESET: Jackson 5ve
0:00 1:00
The Human Abstract (Cover of David Axelrod)
PRESET: The Human Axelrod
0:00 1:00
Lucky But Dead
PRESET: Bassics
0:00 1:00

Watch The Trailer

Watch The Walkthrough

Get an in-depth look at the interface of Retrograde Bass. Jeremy dives into the unique signal paths, controls of the interface, and the creative Design Patches of the instrument.

1968 Fender Super Reverb

We were able to track down an all-original 1968 Super Reverb for Retrograde Bass.  Though it is normally a guitar amp, this amp was the weapon of choice for the session players on many your favorite records from the 60's and 70's.

4 Vintage Mic Signals

Direct, Ribbon, Dynamic, Tube

The Direct signal gives you a clean, even sounding tone which we use in the default settings for the instrument. 

The vintage Ribbon mic signal gives you a rich, warm tone with a lot of low-mid information. 

The Dynamic mic position has more low end information that the ones before it, and adds a nice bite. 

The Tube mic signal has a lot of attack and a more aggressive, forward sound. 

Warped Signal

1968 -> 2068

The "Warped" signal path takes the essence of the original bass samples and processes them resulting in a lo-fi and characterful sound. Through manipulation, warping, bending, and shifting, this unique path stands out on its own or adds texture to any of the microphone positions.

Synth Signal


In addition to offering a wide range of microphone positions, you have the flexibility to blend in a synth signal. We've provided 3 synth wave forms: Square, Sawtooth and Sine wave.

This allows you to either add some low end sub to your mics (using the LP filter), or double it up at full fidelity to create an acoustic/synth hybrid sound.

Works with the free Kontakt Player VST

Effects Rack

Transform the Sound

We made a selection of carefully crafted effects available to allow you take the sound further creatively. From saturation, reverbs, modulation effects, compression and a lo-fi warble you can transform the sound to something unique and characterful.

Retrograde Bass

Retrograde Bass

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Free version of Kontakt Player 6.7.1 + or Kontakt Full 6.7.1+

4 gb Download Size

8 gb Disk Space Required During Install

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