Watch the Walkthrough

In this detailed walkthrough Jeremy demonstrates all the new features and fixes in the all-new Tympo 1.1 update!

Watch the Update Process
The 1.1 update to TYMPO is done through the PULSE download application. Watch the brief video above to learn how to update TYMPO to version 1.1.

Please make sure Kontakt and your DAW applications are closed during the update!

Don't see the update?

Please make sure your PULSE application is up-to-date. Close and re-open the PULSE application in order to refresh the application and 'see' the update.
How do I use the update?

After successfully downloading and installing the update through PULSE, all you need to do is relaunch Kontakt and open the default Tympo.nki.

That's it!

What's New?

MIDI Beat Import & Export

Drag and drop a MIDI beat you performed into the BEATMAKER and it will automatically detect FEEL, keeping your humanization and vibe all intact. The same works with exporting MIDI from the BEATMAKER.

Time Signatures Support

Go beyond 4/4! Change your DAW project's time signature and Tympo's BEATMAKER will automatically adapt!

Lock the Sonic Details!

You can now lock your preferred Sound Design and Drum Detail parameters while browsing beats with the new LOCK feature.

Dynamic Range Increase

Tympo’s velocity range just got more dynamic making your beats even more expressive!

Save User Created Kits

Using Tympo’s vintage drum samples you can now assemble your own kits and Save and Load them with the new Kit Selection.

What else?

The more technical updates...

  • The drum outputs are now maintained while browsing beats. If you route a drum to a different output, and then change to a different beat or kit, the output will stay the same.

  • You can now automate any of the Drum Detail Knobs. For example if you want to tighten and loosen a drum throughout the course of a song, you can now do that without needing multiple instances of Tympo.

  • Shift+drag on a row in the Beatmaker, and all steps will be changed equally.

  • Imported midi is smarter. If you drop midi onto the Beatmaker, it will analyze it, and adapt the number of sub-divisions to the midi you dropped. It will also distribute Feel. This way you can play in midi using a controller, drop the midi in, and the Beatmaker will maintain the human-ness of your performance.

  • Noise only sounds when project is playing!
But I don't own Tympo!

Tympo is better than ever, so there is no better time to jump in than NOW! Click the button below to dive into the core features of Tympo and to purchase!



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Tympo is a virtual instrument plug-in for Native Instruments’ free Kontakt Player 6.7.1+, compatible with most major DAWs (Ableton Live, Logic, Garage Band, ProTools, Steinberg Cubase, Reason, Studio One and more.).