Watch The Walkthrough

In this detailed walkthrough Jeremy demonstrates all the new features and fixes in the all-new Tympo 1.2 update!

How To Update?

The 1.2 update to TYMPO is done through the PULSE download application. Watch the brief video above to learn how to update TYMPO to version 1.2.

Please make sure Kontakt and your DAW applications are closed during the update!

How do I use the update?

After successfully downloading and installing the update through PULSE, all you need to do is relaunch Kontakt and open the default Tympo.nki.

That's it!

Don't see the update?

Please make sure your PULSE application is up-to-date. Close and re-open the PULSE application in order to refresh the application and 'see' the update.

What's New?

Start/Stop Button

The highly requested 'Start/Stop' button has been added to allow you to compose your beats in the Beatmaker looped and uninterrupted.

Half Time & Double Time

You can now play back any of the Factory or User Beats in half time or double time.

All-new EQ

We've added a more robust EQ to the Drum Details. With a Pultec inspired Mid Frequency sweep and musical Low and High frequency dials you can easily shape the tone of each drum.

Easily Swing the Beat

The all-new Swing dial allows you to easily add Swing to any of your beats.

Copy & Paste Lanes

Easily copy and paste any lane data in the Beatmaker. This includes Velocity, Feel, Spread, and Tune.

But I don't own Tympo!

Tympo is better than ever, so there is no better time to jump in than NOW! Click the button below to dive into the core features of Tympo and to purchase!



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Tympo is a virtual instrument plug-in for Native Instruments’ free Kontakt Player 6.7.1+, compatible with most major DAWs (Ableton Live, Logic, Garage Band, ProTools, Steinberg Cubase, Reason, Studio One and more.).
All the more technical updates...
  • "Save Beat" option added (Previously only "Save As")
  • Solo Drum Tabs with Double-Click
  • Sample menus for selecting drums are no longer cut off
  • Added button to reset all details for a drum
  • Added "Width" control, affecting stereo field
  • Display value readouts on all Tone controls when you move them

  • Changes
  • Slight volume boost
  • PitchWheel Filter is now a 2-pole instead of a 4-pole filter for smoother control and movement

  • Fixes
  • Fixed offset issue between graphics and mouse when editing small steps on the right side of Beatmaker
  • Substeps Sliders: Resolved overlap of substeps controls, ensuring individual-sized hitboxes for each step
  • Radio Button Hitboxes: Widened hitboxes for radio buttons to make them easier to click
  • When saving beats and kits and typing in names, the cursor has been given a lighter color to make it more visible
  • Clear all step highlights when you let go of PB, to keep step highlights from getting stuck on
  • Articulation Symbol Refresh Issue: Previously, resetting a drum row successfully reset articulations, but the articulation symbol was not refreshed
  • Added loading screen
  • Playback logic copied from Electro, so CPU should be slightly better
  • Feel is assigned correctly when dropping midi into beatmaker
  • Max voice count set to 170
  • Improved Radio Button Interaction: When turning radio buttons on and off with the Pitchwheel pushed up or down, effects now apply immediately upon clicking the radio buttons
  • Fixed the bug where moving the Pitchwheel away from its center caused choke behavior to stop working
  • Drum Details Reset: Resolved the problem of drum details "un-resetting" when reopening after resetting from the cog menu
  • If you try to load the wrong nka, or one with bad data, it will refuse