Beat Parade is a beat pack for Electro which features 50 beats / 350 variations derived from Electro's factory kits and samples.

Beat Parade is a beat pack for Electro. Electro is a VST virtual instrument plug-in for Native Instruments’ free Kontakt Player, compatible with most major DAWs (Ableton Live, Logic, Garage Band, ProTools, Steinberg Cubase, FL Studio, Reason and more.).

Listen to It in Action

Some of the beats included in Beat Parade for Electro.

66 Bomb Bees
0:00 1:00
86 Toy River
0:00 1:00
76 Clearly Vague
0:00 1:00
120 Trying A Not
0:00 1:00
75 Singular Cypher
0:00 1:00
84 Vac Jr
0:00 1:00
85 Micro Reeding
0:00 1:00
72 ISOlation
0:00 1:00
93 Aeneid
0:00 1:00
130 BlooM SuN
0:00 1:00

A Collection of Beats and Variations

Beat Parade includes 50 beats that range from a suggested 60bpm to 120+bpm just like Electro. All beats can work with any bpm though!

350 Unique Patterns

Each and every beat contains 7 different variations that range from simple to complex beats and fills.

Beat Parade features expanded beats, not samples.

Beat Parade offers additional beats for Electro, utilizing the existing kits and samples within Electro. This beat pack does not include any new samples or drums.

Electro: Beat Parade

Electro: Beat Parade

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Below are the REQUIREMENTS to use this beat pack…

Electro 1.0+

30mb Disk Space

Pulse Download App

Both Kontakt Player and Kontakt Full can be used as a stand-alone instrument or as a plug-in (VST/AU/AAX) in your favorite host sequencer/DAW.

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