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Need help with downloading or installing?

If you’ve received your redemption keys and are confused, please visit
the very helpful step-by-step installation process guide.



Tympo not showing up in Kontakt?

More than likely you need to update Kontakt. Tympo requires Kontakt 6.7.1. If you are using an outdated Kontakt Tympo will not show up! Close Kontakt and launch Native Access. Click on Updates in the left hand column. If Kontakt needs to be updated please click on UPDATE next to it. After updating please re-launch Kontakt and Tympo should now be available!

No update available for Scarbo 1.3?

More than likely this is because you were an early adopter of Scarbo. Fill out the Customer Support form below to contact customer service and we will get you squared away with this free update ASAP!

Can't see your product in Native Access?

If you have recently upgraded or downloaded Native Access 2 you may find that you can no longer see your Teletone product. This is because you need to upgrade Native Access. To fix this simply open Native Access 2 click the pop-up window in the top right corner that says "Restart to install now". This will upgrade you to the latest Native Access.

Do you offer refunds?

No we do not offer refunds. Please click here to read our Refund Policy.

You may find additional answers to your questions on our FAQ page!