Below is an outline of steps to take after you have successfully purchased an instrument. Have questions?

Step 1

Within 10 minutes, hopefully sooner, you will receive an email from “Pulse Team” ( with your Redemption/Serial Key after purchasing your product. Copy this key, you will paste it in later.

Step 1 Installation Guide

Step 2

Download the Pulse download application. Visit If you already have the Pulse application please make sure it is up to date.

Step 2 Installation Guide

Step 3

Launch the Pulse application. Again please make sure this is the latest Pulse application. Select “Add a Product” in the top right.

Step 3 Installation Guide

Step 4

Paste in the Redemption/Serial Key that Pulse Team emailed you.

Step 4 Installation Guide

Step 5

Select where you want to download the instrument to. Wether it’s to your Desktop (which we do not recommend) or to an external hard drive please make sure you have adequate hard drive space.

Step 5 Installation Guide

Step 6

Once your instrument has been successfully downloaded in the Pulse application navigate to Native Instruments website and download Native Access. You will use Native Access to register your instrument. We currently recommend you use Native Access 1, but Native Access 2.1+ will work.

If you are currently on Native Access 1, that's good! It is the version we currently recommend using and is what our current installation guide follows.

If you are a brand new user or have have already updated to Native Access 2 then you will need to follow this next step...

Once launched you will need to immediately update Native Access 2.0.8 to 2.1+. You can simply do this by clicking on the pop-up window in the top right corner that says "Restart to install now".

Our products will only show up with Native Access 1 or Native Access 2.1+.

Step 9 does not apply to Native Access 2.1+ users.

Step 7

Launch the Native Access application and click “Add a serial” in the top left.

Step 7 Installation Guide

Step 8

Paste in your Redemption/Serial Key that you received initially from the Pulse Team email. Yes this is the same key as Pulse.

Step 8 Installation Guide

Step 9

After you have successfully registered your product click View Products Not Installed. This step does not apply to Native Access 2.

Step 9 Installation Guide

Step 10

Once you have successfully registered your product and navigated to “Not installed” (This step does not apply to Native Access 2.) products, find the Teletone Audio library you just registered and click “Add Library” (In Native Access 2 click ‘Locate’).

Step 10 Installation Guide

Step 11

Native Access will ask you to Browse to your instrument. This is the location on your hard drive where you pointed the Pulse Downloader to. Browse to that folder.

Step 11 Installation Guide

Step 12

Once you have found that folder click “Open”. Make sure you select the parent folder. Not the ‘instruments’ or ‘samples’ folder.

Step 12 Installation Guide

Step 13

If your DAW or Kontakt has been open please close it. Launch or re-launch Kontakt and you should find the Teletone Audio library in the left hand Library Browser and get to making music!

Step 13 Installation Guide


Still have questions?

Contact customer support.


If you have any specific questions at all with this update or are having troubles installing the update feel free to reach out to Customer Support and we will be happy to help!