1.1 Update

Jeremy Larson demonstrates the increase of velocity range in this brief performance of Chopin's Ballade no. 2 in F Major, Op. 38.

How Do I Update?

The 1.1 update to Golden Age Grand is done through the PULSE download application. Watch the above brief video on how to update Golden Age Grand to version 1.1.

NOTE: please make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the PULSE application.

How do I use the update?

Once you have successfully downloaded the update you will see a new default .NKI under Instruments labeled 'Golden Age Grand 1.1.nki'. This is the latest version of the default piano.

We did include and leave the original 'Golden Age Grand.nki' in case you have existing projects that use this instrument or you prefer to use the original instrument :)

What has changed?

Increased Dynamics

When you launch the new 'Golden Age Grand 1.1.nki' you will notice that as you play in louder velocities the piano now gets a lot more aggressive in it's dynamic range in the louder velocities.

So if you are one to want to really lay in to the piano, it’s there!

Faster Touch Response

We also painstakingly went back into every sample and edited them so that they have a quicker touch response and are more tightly aligned if/when you need to print the tracks.

This may or may not be AS noticeable when playing, but you may notice this when you print the tracks.


If you have any specific questions at all with this update or are having troubles installing the update feel free to reach out to Customer Support and we will be happy to help!

Haven't purchased yet?

Now is the perfect time, the piano is sounding better than ever! Visit the link below to be taken to the Golden Age Grand product page to listen to demos, watch walkthrough videos and purchase!